North Coast Remedies Low Dose Tincture (7500mg)

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  • 250mg per dose (3ML)
  • 1 month supply per bottle (on a 3 day cycle)

Liquid Psilocybin is a brand new concept in the world of micro dosing. For centuries, people have soaked their mushrooms in tea and consumed the liquid, but nobody has successfully extracted the psilocybin from the mushroom, and created a consumable liquid with the extract. This method sets our product apart from the competition. With our product, we eliminate the organic material, leaving you with only the good stuff.

With our 30ML bottle, you are getting a full months supply of psilocybin microdose.

We offer two strengths of microdose liquid, “micro” dose for new users and people with low tolerance, and “low” dose for experienced users and people with higher tolerance.

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